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Fight for title even more exciting in 2019: New points system will increase the excitement

ADAC GT Masters

Fight for title even more exciting in 2019

New look for Callaway Competition: Callaway Competition stick with Corvette for 13th consecutive year in the ADAC GT Masters

ADAC GT Masters

New look for Callaway Competition

Dennis Marschall will race for HCB-Rutronik Racing: 22-year-old Marschall will partner Carrie Schreiner in the ADAC GT Masters

ADAC GT Masters

Dennis Marschall will race for HCB-Rutronik Racing

Land Motorsport: In title contention in third year: Race team are once again most successful Audi crew in 2018

ADAC GT Masters

Land Motorsport: In title contention in third year

Kirchhöfer: Jaminet and Renauer deserved champions: Very pleased with first season at Callaway in the Corvette

ADAC GT Masters

Kirchhöfer: Jaminet and Renauer deserved champions

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