The new Bentley Continental GT3 - still with V8 power Photo: Bentley
The new Bentley Continental GT3 - still with V8 power Photo: Bentley

Bentley launch new Continental GT3

Second generation of the British sportscar

Bentley have unveiled the new Continental GT3 which is set to debut next year.

"After four successful years with the Continental GT3, we are pleased to announce the second generation of the vehicle," said Bentley Motorsport Director Brian Gush. "We have fundamentally revised the car to make it even better, and the first tests have been very promising. The road-going version of the Continental GT provided an ideal basis for the development of the race car which meets Bentley's high standards."

The second generation of the British GT3 car was worked on by engineers at Bentley Motorsport in conjunction with M-Sport and is based on the road-going version of the Continental, launched on 12th September at the IAA in Frankfurt. The previous Continental GT3 lined up in the ADAC GT Masters in 2015 and 2016, taking one win and four pole positions.

The same aluminium structure used on the production model forms the basis of the new race car, ensuring optimum weight distribution. The kerb weight of the racing Continental is significantly less than 1,300 kilogrammes. The British muscle car is powered by an engine developed from the existing V8, four-litre, bi-turbo unit. The dry sump oil system, the intake and exhaust systems are all new. Unrestricted power is in excess of 550 bhp.

The aerodynamic package was developed in the wind tunnel and has numerous components such as splitter, rear wing and diffuser, which should provide additional downforce. Brakes and suspension are also new.

The Continental GT3 has already begun a six-month development programme to be completed in the UK, France and Portugal. The car's race debut will be in the spring of 2018 with sales to customers starting next June.

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