Christopher Haase contested a second season with BWT Mücke Motorsport Photo: ADAC GT Masters
Christopher Haase contested a second season with BWT Mücke Motorsport Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Christopher Haase: We expected to do more

Audi Sport driver looks back on his tenth ADAC GT Masters season

The veteran driver talks about a challenging season, his team-mate and what he can still learn from younger drivers.

The ADAC GT Masters celebrated its premiere in 2007. The winner on the podium back then was Christopher Haase aged just 19 and still relatively unknown. By the end of the season, he had notched up a total of five wins and had even clinched the driver’s title. Nine more years in the Super Sports Car League were to follow, and Haase has been without a regular drive only in 2012, 2014 and 2015. The German from Kulmbach in Bavaria has become a firm favourite and integral part of the series to all intents and purposes. "The level of performance in the ADAC GT Masters is extremely high. There are a lot of good drivers and teams in the line-up, which is obviously very interesting for a racing driver," said Christopher Haase.

The Audi Sport driver went hunting for points for a second time with Mücke Motorsport during the 2019 season which started well for Haase and his 25-year-old team-mate, Jeffrey Schmidt. The duo were in P7 at Oschersleben for the start of the first race. They took the chequered flag in third place but were unable to build on that result during the remainder of the season. "We started very strongly, but unfortunately, were unable to remain in the top group," said Haase. "Qualifying was the key. If you find yourself two or four tenths down, then you are in the middle of the field. We actually struggled a bit during the season to put a perfect qualifying lap together." However, Christopher Haase is not in any way upset by that. He has been in motorsport long enough to know. "You can be the strongest one season, but things can just as easily go the other way the following year," said Haase.

With Swiss driver, Jeffrey Schmidt, as team-mate, Christopher Haase had an old friend by his side. "I drove with Jeffrey in the 2017 season. He has come on very well since then and has improved a lot, especially where giving feedback about car and track is concerned." The pair are in perfect harmony as drivers: "We generally have the same feeling about the car and therefore the same wishes for set-up. Jeffrey is a real racing driver as regards his mentality. Even if it’s 10 pm, midnight or one in the morning, he still wants to analyse data to improve the car."

Haase mentored Schmidt in their first season together at Montaplast by Land-Motorsport, but that is now a thing of the past. "He can stand on his own two feet and can be successful by dint of his own efforts." Nevertheless, an experienced GT3 driver like Christopher Haase can still learn something from the young ones. "Just because I’ve been doing this for years doesn’t mean that I’m automatically the fastest on the track in every corner. You have to remain realistic. There are definitely times when I can learn something from team-mates like Jeffrey. That pushes the whole team, us two as drivers, and of course, has an impact on my ego."

But ultimately, there’s just one question that needs to be answered. Will Christopher Haase line up for his eleventh season in the ADAC GT Masters in 2020? "I can’t say right now. You see, there are one or two conversations that I still need to have, but I would be only too happy to compete again next year."

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