P2 on Sunday: Maximilian Götz and Indy Dontje Photo: ADAC GT Masters
P2 on Sunday: Maximilian Götz and Indy Dontje Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Comments after Race 2 at Spielberg

Observations from the paddock after Sunday's race at Spielberg

The winners and losers talk about the second race of the ADAC GT Masters weekend at the Red Bull Ring.

Marvin Kirchhöfer (Callaway Competition, Corvette C7 GT3-R), P1 overall: "The start was a bit chaotic. After the safety car went back in, I was able to pull out a bit of a gap. It is obviously to our advantage that the Corvette is traditionally strong here. But it wasn't as easy as it looked. We had to push hard to stay ahead. Anyway, we can feel satisfied. We have so far consistently got the maximum out of the situation. After the break, we'll be competing on tracks that aren't so good for us, so we'll have to prepare well for them."

Markus Pommer (Callaway Competition, Corvette C7 GT3-R), P1 overall: "A great success. Going into the campaign, I hadn't expected such a strong start to the season and certainly not to win three of the first six races, especially with this being my first year driving a Corvette. Marvin did a great job. After that, I had the immense good fortune that Patrick Niederhauser and Sven Barth were scrapping behind me while I had a good lead on both of them. I was in constant radio contact with the team, and I knew just how much of a cushion I had. I pushed again, but actually everything then went according to plan."

Maximilian Götz (Mann-Filter Team HTP, Mercedes-AMG GT3), P2 overall: "The pit stop was perfect - my compliments to the guys. In the two laps before the driver change, I had an open track in front of me and went flat out as if it were qualifying. I almost came unstuck at the tricky entrance to the pit lane. At the same time, the stop for the second-placed Corvette took a bit longer than normal. That was key to us gaining the position. Indy then wrapped up the second place in majestic fashion. This is of course hugely satisfying after having such bad luck yesterday. And to make it onto the podium in my 100th race in this great series is just perfect. We've made big progress in the championship, and the racetracks that suit us best are yet to come. We'll continue to go on the attack."

Indy Dontje (Mann-Filter Team HTP, Mercedes-AMG GT3), P2 overall: "That was a good race. We may have got lucky with the retirement of Thomas Preining, but we also had a good pit stop and were clocking consistently fast lap times. In fact, we were in contention all weekend. Unfortunately, we had a problem with a broken cable yesterday."

Kelvin van der Linde (HCB-Rutronik Racing, Audi R8 LMS), P3 overall: "We are very satisfied - the team did a great job. Obviously, we benefited from a few mistakes in front of us, but we also had a great pit stop. Patric was mega all weekend, and he made sure we got the result in the end. I'm immensely happy with the team - they are always trying to take things to the next level, and I'm delighted to be part of it. Of course, having such a cool team-mate always makes it a lot of fun. We have a small lead in the championship, but we'll continue to work hard. We know how quickly things can change."

Patric Niederhauser (HCB-Rutronik Racing, Audi R8 LMS), P3 overall: "I had high hopes before the start of the season, but I was not expecting it to be this good. As early as the first test in February, I was impressed by the way the team worked and my main thought was: Wow! Our success has not just come from nowhere. But nobody would have expected that we would be leading the championship going into the mid-season break."

Nicolai Sylvest (MRS GT-Racing, BMW M6 GT3), P4 overall, winner in the Pirelli Junior class: "We had a very good quali. Jens booked fifth place for us - a promising grid position for the race. Ultimately, we finished the race in fourth place, which makes us very happy. We got the maximum out of the car. We were very effective in the race and at the pit stop. I'm so happy to be a part of MRS GT Racing and driving the BMW M6 GT3. It's such a great combination."

Max Hofer (Montaplast by Land-Motorsport, Audi R8 LMS), P6 overall, P2 in the Pirelli Junior class: "I think we were able to do what we set out to do. For us, the objective was just to score some solid points, and that's what we did on Saturday and Sunday. We had a good qualifying performance from both drivers; then, in the races, we didn't make any mistakes and stayed within the track limits. That was key to us scoring these points. All in all, a solid weekend."

Rolf Ineichen (Orange1 by GRT Grasser, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo), P7 overall, Pirelli Trophy winner): "As a team, I think we can be satisfied with fifth and seventh. But ultimately, it's been a very difficult weekend for us. We got the maximum out of it. I think we are only so well placed because there were so many penalties and we were the beneficiaries. We tried to drive an error-free race and not to get penalised in the hope that fortune would favour the brave."

Jeffrey Schmidt (BWT Mücke Motorsport, Audi R8 LMS), P10 overall, P3 in the Pirelli Junior class: "Starting from eleventh today was far better that our situation yesterday. Unfortunately, we lost a few places right at the start, which was a shame. I was then able to make some progress in my stint. The result is OK considering our grid position, but it's not where we want to be. We now have to work hard over the summer break to get ourselves back on the podium as soon as possible."

Lucas Auer (Team Zakspeed BKK Mobil Oil Racing, Mercedes-AMG GT3), P11 overall: "From our grid position today, it was obviously going to be very difficult to get a decent result today. Ultimately, though, we can be satisfied with what we got. It was the maximum. I am very satisfied with my stint. I pushed hard all the way through and pulled off several successful passing manoeuvres. That was really fun. And in the end, the team also scored useful points towards the championship. All in all, I really enjoyed competing in these two home races at the Red Bull Ring."

Matteo Cairoli (Küs Team75 Bernhard, Porsche 911 GT3 R), P16 overall: "That was another bad weekend, unfortunately. We were in the points, but we got a drive-through penalty. I had some problems at the start and lost some places. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was happy with the car - it was very good. We just need a bit more luck next time."

Klaus Bachler (Küs Team75 Bernhard, Porsche 911 GT3 R), P23 overall: "We started from 18th place and were aiming to score as many points as possible. Timo had a good start and kept out of everything, plus the car was running well. We then stopped early to get out of the traffic and were able to gain some places during the pit stop. Then I had a very tough fight with an opponent. We came into contact during an overtaking move, I got past him but then had to go wide in Turn 1 because I was afraid he would hit me again. I must have run over something, because I got a slow puncture. It was a shame, because our car was really good. We could have scored good points today - at least a P8 and maybe even more. That would have been an excellent result given the position we started from."

Timo Bernhard (Küs Team75 Bernhard, Porsche 911 GT3 R), P23 overall: "Actually, we have very good reason to feel confident about the future. We've made huge progress yet again. Unfortunately, we had bad luck with a slow puncture. You can't be on top of everything. But I think we did a good job; everyone did a great job, and it was a superb team effort. We'll continue to work our way through this, and I think we can expect to make further progress at Zandvoort."

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