Corvette driver stars in TV commercial Photo: ADAC GT Masters
Corvette driver stars in TV commercial Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Daniel Keilwitz: Active on and off the track

Corvette driver stars in TV commercial

ADAC GT Masters runner-up Daniel Keilwitz is busy on and off the racetrack in a TV commercial.

If you watched the German TV coverage of Sebastian Vettel clinching his third Formula 1 World Championship title last Sunday, you may have caught a glimpse of ADAC GT Masters runner-up Daniel Keilwitz during one of the commercial breaks. The Roller chain of furniture stores, who are the main sponsor of the Corvette driven by Diego Alessi and Daniel Keilwitz, were premiering their new TV advert which features Daniel Keilwitz, the Callaway Corvette Z06.R GT3 and the ADAC GT Masters series..

In the 45-second commercial, we see Keilwitz driving his Corvette in one of the two ADAC GT Masters races at Hockenheim. But after taking the chequered flag, the Callaway man gives parc fermé a miss and heads straight for the nearest branch of the furniture retailer, following the advice flashed up on screen: "Wer zuerst kommt, macht die besten Schnäppchen" (Shop early for the best bargains).

Filming took place during the ADAC GT Masters finale at Hockenheim, with the scenes on the public roads and in front of the furniture store being shot two weeks later.

"That was a break from routine and it was a lot of fun," said Keilwitz. "The other locations we used were in front of a Roller store and on an industrial estate in Leingarten where Callaway are based. Our team principal Ernst Wöhr got permission from the mayor to use a short section of road that is normally off limits. But we were only driving at very leisurely pace of 50km/h."

You can watch a long version of the commercial (90 seconds) by following this link:

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