Fans can look forward to seeing the Camaro GT Photo: ADAC Motorsport
Fans can look forward to seeing the Camaro GT Photo: ADAC Motorsport

Fine-tuning for a U.S. steam hammer

SaReNi United improve the performance of the Camaro GT.

A new and improved Chevrolet Camaro GT embarks on its third ADAC GT Masters campaign.

Black, powerful and strong as an ox, the beefy Chevrolet Camaro GT made only intermittent appearances on ADAC GT Masters weekends last season, but fans can look forward to seeing it compete in all 16 races in 2014. In preparation for its third campaign in the Super Sports Car League, SaReNi United (a subsidiary of Reiter Engineering) have improved various aspects of the American muscle car. The Camaro – a 2014 model – now has a carbon fibre roof and an optimised roll cage.

The Bavarian outfit have also made a few mechanical alterations, with changes to the brake callipers that permit finer adjustment of the balance between front and rear wheels. In a series of tests conducted over the past few months with former ADAC GT Masters champion Peter Kox and ex-Formula 1 driver Tomas Enge at the wheel, SaReNi United have also tried out a new suspension setup that allows drivers to fine-tune the Camaro for different tracks and conditions.

There are no changes under the stately bonnet of the Camaro GT: the mighty V8 engine with its 7.9 litre capacity pumping out well in excess of 650 horsepower should be more than adequate for the challenges of the coming season.

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