De Phillippi and Mies took two wins in 2017 Photo: ADAC GT Masters
De Phillippi and Mies took two wins in 2017 Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Land Motorsport will attack again in 2018

Team intend to fight for titles once more

After two strong seasons in the ADAC GT Masters, Montaplast by Land-Motorsport intend to go on playing an important role in the title fight next year.

After winning three titles at their first attempt in their first year in the Super Sports Car League in 2016, Wolfgang Land's team took two race wins in their second season, second place in the team classification, third place in the drivers' standings with Christopher Mies and Connor De Phillippi and second place in the junior category with Jeffrey Schmidt.

Team Principal Wolfgang Land told us in his own words why it was not enough to win the title ultimately: "Unfortunately, we weren't fast enough at the start of the season and didn't give our drivers the best car. We also had some bad luck due to accidents and technical problems, which is why we dropped points - as at the Red Bull Ring, for example. Still, we didn't give up, and the team always knew what they had to do to get back on track. We secured our first win at Zandvoort, and things went well again in the last few races of the season. We took nine podiums in the end, more than any other team."

Despite the first half of the season being tricky, 2016 champions De Phillippi and Mies were still in title contention until the last weekend of the season at Hockenheim. They were finally beaten only by the champion Jules Gounon and his Callaway team-mate, runner-up Daniel Keilwitz. The American-German pairing even achieved one more win in 2017 than in their championship-winning season. Mies: "Unfortunately, unlike in 2016, we had too many races without points this year. We also needed some time initially to get the new Pirelli tyres set up properly, as we were very busy in America during the winter, lining up for the first time in the 24-Hours of Daytona and the 12-Hours of Sebring. But we got a grip of ourselves and did the best job of any of the Audi teams in the second half of the season in my opinion."

Wolfgang Land gives his drivers an A* for effort and achievement: "Connor and Christopher are just awesome. It makes me mega proud as Team Principal to have such drivers. They both complement each other very well and I would love to work with them for many years to come." Land was also very pleased with his second driver pairing of Jeffrey Schmidt and Christopher Haase, who finished ninth overall. "They both picked up the pace and gradually improved as the season progressed. They took a podium at all of the last four race weekends and just missed taking the win at Zandvoort in second place. Jeffrey did a good job in his first year in the ADAC GT Masters and was in the frame to take the junior title for quite a while. And as for Christopher, you can always rely on him. He's got such a wealth of experience."

Land feels confident about 2018: "We've already tried out some promising young talents. I think we will be well placed to be in serious contention to take titles in the drivers', team and junior categories once more."

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