BMW will introduce a new GT3 class car for 2022 and onwards Photo: BMW
BMW will introduce a new GT3 class car for 2022 and onwards Photo: BMW

New from 2022: The BMW M4 GT3

Two years from now, BMW will bring a new GT3 class car onto the market.

The new M4 GT3 will replace the M6 from the 2022 season onwards. Development is already underway and the rollout is planned for the second half of 2020.

BMW plans to launch a new GT3 model in time for the 2022 season: the M4 GT3 will replace the M6 GT3, which teams have been fielding since 2016, and become the new top-of-the-range vehicle in the BMW customer sport programme. The BMW M4 is already competing in the GT4 class. The new GT3 model, which is being developed to comply with the new technical regulations approved by the FIA this week, is based on the new-generation mid-range coupé that is not yet on the market.

The vehicle has been in development for several months and will undergo intensive testing from next year. The BMW M4 series production model, on which the BMW M4 GT3 is based, is powered by a six-cylinder engine with BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology that delivers more than 500 horsepower.

“With our new GT3 project, we are underlining the importance of BMW M customer sports,” says BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “It is a central pillar of our motorsport programme. With the introduction of the new GT3 regulations from 2022, the BMW M4 provides the perfect basis.”

While the 2020 season is set to be dominated by development and test work and the roll-out is planned for the second half of the year, regular test runs under racing conditions are planned for 2021.

The M4 GT3 is the third GT3 model from BMW after the BMW Z4 GT3 (2010 - 2015) and the BMW M6 GT3 (since 2016). The Z4 is the most successful car built by the Munich-based manufacturer to have contested the ADAC GT Masters (12 race victories), with the M6 GT3 currently on two wins. To this total should be added the 12 victories achieved by the BMW ALPINA B6 GT3 (2009 - 2012), which was the racing version of the previous generation of the 6 Series.

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