New car: Sebastian Asch competes in a Ferrari 488 GT3 for the first time Photo: ADAC GT Masters
New car: Sebastian Asch competes in a Ferrari 488 GT3 for the first time Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Three questions for Sebastian Asch

The former champion talks about his move to HB Racing

It may be a new team and a new car, but at least it's a familiar team-mate: Sebastian Asch will be sharing the cockpit with Luca Ludwig. A short interview.

After many years driving a Mercedes-AMG, you've now embarked on a new Ferrari adventure. What are your first impressions after the tests?
Sebastian Asch: "Everything worked pretty well right from the start. I felt good in the car and had no problems in adjusting to it. Ultimately, it's just another GT3 car with four wheels and a steering wheel. All I have to do is get used to it, and I'm convinced that things will go fine. I had a great time with Mercedes-AMG, winning two titles with the brand, but now I'm looking forward to the new challenge in the HB Racing Ferrari."

Not everything is new for you. In Luca Ludwig, you have an old acquaintance at your side...
"I'm especially delighted about that aspect. We have already spent two years as partners, and we won the ADAC GT Masters title together in 2015. Consequently, it's nice to be mounting a joint challenge with him again. It's also a great advantage that he was at HB Racing last year and knows the Ferrari inside out. When we found out that the ADAC had also reduced the handicap weight for two professional drivers, the combination was perfect. This rule change was important because some Silver drivers are almost on the same level with those in the Gold category, and we would have been at a clear disadvantage."

So this year, you've got title number three firmly in your sights?
"A lot of things will have to be just right. In a field this strong, I'm not going to stick my neck out and describe us as clear title favourites. At the same time, I wouldn't be competing if I didn't think I had the chance of winning the championship. In HB Racing, Luca and me, we have a strong package. Everyone in the team is highly motivated and feeling positive. The human as well as the professional elements are a good fit. So the conditions are right, and now all we have to do is ensure that we get the right results."

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