On great terms: Timo Scheider (left) seen here with team-mate Mikkel Jensen Photo: ADAC GT Masters
On great terms: Timo Scheider (left) seen here with team-mate Mikkel Jensen Photo: ADAC GT Masters

Timo Scheider talks about his debut season

Seven ADAC GT Masters race weekends later:

The two-time DTM champion talks about his induction period with the BMW M6 GT3 and his role as the veteran member of the BMW Team Schnitzer squad.

Around the halfway point of the season, you told us that you found it enjoyable to be still learning new things even at this advanced stage of your career. How much and what exactly did you learn in your first GT Masters season?
Scheider: I hadn’t sat in the cockpit of a GT3 car on too many occasions before. That’s why I had to get used to it step by step. Likewise adjusting to the distance of a sprint race. It’s important to understand that, as a driver in the ADAC GT Masters, you have to compromise on the setup because you’re sharing the race with your co-driver. But I have to say that Mikkel Jensen was an incredibly uncomplicated team-mate in that regard.

How big was the transition from the DTM to the ADAC GT Masters?
Scheider: It’s certainly something new. ABS is more of an issue, as are traction control and the much heavier car. It’s about moving the mass of the car along with sufficient speed that you’re fast but at the same time able to hand the car over to your team-mate in a competitive condition, for example in terms of tyres. Otherwise, you pay the price later on in the race.

What was the highlight of your season?
Scheider: My job was to get the team’s Junior drivers, Mikkel Jensen and Dennis Marschall, to benefit from my experience. That’s why the best aspect of the season for me was the way that we made progress as a complete team.

It was the last campaign for team boss Charly Lamm at BMW Team Schnitzer. Did that make it special for you to have experienced this?
Scheider: Yes, of course. Charly is a legend in motorsport. Everyone knows his name. I was impressed with the professional way in which he approached this ADAC GT Masters season. He was totally focused on the job, and there was no sign of any mournfulness. It wasn’t until the triumph in Macau that it became noticeable that here was a man on the way out. But who knows, maybe we’ll see him again soon in another role.

What are your plans for 2019?
Scheider: I'm still under contract with BMW. Apart from that, there’s not much more to tell. As a result of the second place in Macau, there have obviously been offers from the WTCR series. Also, my passion for rallycross is no secret. But I have now reached a stage of my racing career where I no longer have to accept everything that comes along. I’ve also had an interesting offer to work as an expert commentator on the Sat1 TV channel. My priority at the moment, however, is to continue racing.

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